First, Sherpa sees new appointments and reaches out.

Move beyond simple reminders, set up a communcation flow that works for the office includng automating insurance reminders, pre-appointment screenings and more.

Hi Susan, this is a message from Dr. Diaz. You have an upcoming appointment on Tuesday March 22nd at 9:15AM. If you have to reschedule please contact our office. Please bring your updated insurance card.
Thank You
Delivered & Read - 03:18 PM
You have an open check list item for your appointment tomorrow with Dr. Diaz. Please click through to complete open items. sherpahealth.ai/rxyz

Smart Forms & Same-Day Clincial Reviews

Digitize and automated all forms, new patient packages, paper screenings and visit clinicals. No Portal or account registration required.

Clinical Review Demo

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Instant Return, High Billing and Smooth Operations

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